INTERNET SALES POLICY FOR JF Enterprise Health Division - Celia Ruiz USA

This Policy for Celia Ruiz USA sold on the internet is intended to keep and maintain the integrity of the Celia Ruiz USA brand of footwear.

The policy will help keep the profit margins of all of our retail partners by controlling intra-brand competition amongst our retailers.

This will eliminate any confusion and ensure that all Celia Ruiz USA retailers adhere to this policy. This policy will detail what is permitted for internet sales and what sanctions will be applied, if not adhered to.

Agreement effective date, January 1, 2020

1) The minimum advertised price for Celia Ruiz USA will be the manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price”

2) Celia Ruiz USA cannot be posted, promoted or presented online at a price lower than the established minimum advertised price.

3) This policy will apply to all reorder-able styles of Celia Ruiz USA. Excluded from this will be discontinued styles that cannot be reordered.

4) JF Enterprise Inc. will provide a new MSRP list each season. This will clearly state the MSRP for that season and must be adhered to.

5) At no time may the price posted on the web page be shown below MSRP, even on banner ads, landing pages and e-mail blast. Dealers are responsible to reflect MSRP on all internet search engines.

6) Celia Ruiz USA will not be discontinued at check out with a coupon or an offer for a certain percentage off.

7) Online promotions of any kind will have to be per-approved by JF Enterprise Inc. management in writing.

8) All retailers having Celia Ruiz USA products online must have written permission fromJF Enterprise Inc. management and sign this policy.

9) Violation of this policy can result in the cessation of shipments of Celia Ruiz USA products to the retailer as noted on the next page.


Retailer will be asked by JF Enterpise Inc. to adhere to this policy and make necessary changes to be in compliance. Changes must be made in a timely manner. If changes are not made to website, eligibility to purchase any Celia Ruiz USA products from JF Enterprise Inc. will be suspended for 30 days.

Eligibility to purchase Celia Ruiz USA from JF Enterprise Inc. will be suspended for 60 days.

Eligibility to purchase Celia Ruiz USA from JF Enterprise Inc.will be rescinded indefinitely.