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Why Celia Ruiz?

The Celia Ruiz family of Therapeutic Wellness and Diabetic Footwear is synonymous with excellence. Their medical class 1 sanitary footwear is designed specifically for comfort, safety and therapeutic wear. Celia Ruiz does not reconfigure dress or sport shoes, they design the shoes for the sole purpose of foot health and to provide comfort and a quality durable shoe. The Celia Ruiz, CoolMax Carbon fabric, has completed laboratory tests which include biocompatibility tests approved by ISO EN 10993, demonstrates skin compatibility. This test was composed of 3 phases: cytotoxicity (toxic levels), skin sensitivity, and irritation tests. No product currently in US markets offers these certifications. The state of the art Spanish factory guarantees high quality workmanship and methodical supervision to ensure safety and quality.

Ortho  -  Diabetic Shoes
Ortho - Diabetic Shoes
Sale price$145.00
Marc T  -  Diabetic Shoes
Marc T - Diabetic Shoes
Sale price$145.00
Franky T -  Diabetic Shoes
Franky T - Diabetic Shoes
Sale price$145.00

Experience in comfort and protection for your feet


Healthy Feet

Patients: Celia Ruiz shoes use an exclusive CoolMax Carbon lining with bacteriostatic traits, which reduces the spread of bacteria. The unique lining is highly recommended for people with skin sensitivities, circulatory disease, swelling of edema, chronic systemic diseases with repercussions on the foot, diabetics, and any other patient required to wear hygienic footwear. Celia Ruiz products are manufactured in Spain in a factory regulated by European sanitary standards and is classified as a class 1 medical sanitary device.

30 years of experience and certified quality is our main guarantee

Offer Your Patients Quality and Comfort

We have developed an innovative footwear collection, which combines functional footwear designs for various types of pathologies with construction materials. Combining COOLMAX® fibers with Carbon fibers gives our one of a kind shoes, the ability to create a dry, and airy environment while maintaining freshness. Celia Ruiz footwear is also fully adaptable to any size and width. The shoe opens completely to allow patient to easily enter and exit the shoe, while the unique Velcro strapping allows you to close the shoe at any width.

Medicare Approved Product

Most of our products are proud to carry the Medicare Code for Diabetic
Footwear: HSPCS A5500.

I had to cut my own shoes before finding Celia Ruiz. Nothing fit, not even so called “Orthopedic Shoes". These shoes are the only ones I wear. I can finally walk comfortably.

Gregory D.