Premier Brand Specializing in Medical Wellness Therapeutic Footwear

Our experienced team manufactures products that make life easier for people who have difficulties putting on their shoes or need extra comfort for an improved well-being.

Celia Ruiz

Quality and Comfort Footwear

Celia Ruiz has generations of experience in the manufacturing of Therapeutic Wellness Footwear.

Our product is manufactured in Elche, Spain, a city with a large business community dedicated to the manufacturing of quality footwear. We manufacture and distribute our own brand, Celia Ruiz, internationally. We also manufacture and develop for other leading brands in the diabetic footwear sector across several countries. Our excellent customer service and product quality have contributed to our growth and worldwide influence.

Our experienced team manufactures products that make life easier for people who have
difficulty putting on their shoes or who need extra comfort for improved well-being.

Diabetic and Wellness Footwear specialists dedicated to those with medical foot care needs.

Our experience in this industry allows us to be experts in the footwear manufacturing of
sanitary products (Medical device Class I). We have the ISO 13485:2018 certification for sanitary products as well and clinical studies and lab tests to support that our products have biocompatibility with the skin, have REACH and PROP 65 compliance, and create a bacteriostatic environment around the foot.


Industry Leading Design and Technology in Diabetic Footwear

Our Therapeutic Footwear is Wellness for Your Feet

Due to its adjustability and materials utilized, the Celia Ruiz shoes are unique and can be comfortable and healthy for people with foot pathologies and/or diabetes.  While there may be other brands that claim benefits in the diabetic or orthopedic footwear markets, most are limited in what they can offer to their customers. Celia Ruiz does not reconfigure dress or sport shoes, we design our Therapeutic Footwear for the purpose of providing Health and Comfort in a high quality durable shoe.


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COOLMAX Fabric Lining

Our current collection uses COOLMAX® fabric lining to which we add Carbon threads. COOLMAX® polyester fibers have long been known for their high breathability due to their hollow fiber design and aeration channels, which helps to release moisture quickly and efficiently.

By combining COOLMAX® fibers with Carbon fibers we have innovated a one of a kind fabric with the ability to create a dry, and airy environment while maintaining freshness. In a test for Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae, two bacteria that can proliferate under normal conditions of humidity and temperature caused by sweating our Coolmax- Carbon fabric has demonstrated bacteriostatic properties and maintained its freshness.

Our current collection uses COOLMAX® fabric lining to which we add Carbon threads.

We have developed an innovative footwear collection, which combines functional footwear designs for various types of pathologies with construction materials.

Medicare Approved Product

Most of our products are proud to carry the Medicare Code for Diabetic
Footwear: HSPCS A5500.

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