Diabetes can cause nerve damage, called peripheral neuropathy, which causes you to lose sensation in your feet. If you walk barefoot, the probability of suffering a blow, wound or burn increases and most likely you will not even feel the pain of the injury, but the wound will be present and your body will not be in optimal conditions to heal it. After a wound of this type, an infection usually follows and spreads down the leg. The infection in turn can lead to gangrene, the death of your tissue, and the only recourse would be amputation.

For this reason, extreme care should be taken when walking barefoot and if possible avoided altogether. Wearing shoes or slippers in comfortable and safe environments is the most advisable to avoid altering the health of your foot.

In addition to always starting to wear special socks and shoes, people suffering from diabetes should implement new cleaning habits, such as daily washing and thorough drying, to avoid other infections and make foot health a major issue in your daily life. 

The choice of shoes is as important as all the other treatment processes, since by choosing a comfortable shoe, which does not rub your ankles or toes and gives you the necessary support, giving the right shape to your foot, you will achieve good foot health. Celia Ruiz is the perfect fit for you!