How to Deal With the Cold

Stay warm no matter how cold the weather outside gets.

Poor circulation can be a common foot health issue for those suffering from diabetes, according to Sometimes, people with diabetes also suffer from peripheral neuropathy, where they get persistent aches, pains or numbness in one or both of their feet. But, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

Keeping your feet warm can help to improve circulation and offer much-needed relief. Since feet play a big role in regulating body temperature, it’s important to dress your feet for the colder months. Wearing appropriate footwear at home and out and about can help protect your feet and keep you warm.

Socks: Socks can help prevent skin irritations and protect your feet from the cold. Wearing socks can help keep your foot warm while at home or walking around town. The sock is the first layer to keep warmth closest to your foot. Socks also help promote circulation in the foot, stay up, and offer comfort, ventilation and light arch support.

Boots: A boot can help keep your foot warm during the colder months. Wearing a boot can help protect your foot from the rain or snow, as well as provides traction when walking on wet roads. Plus, there’s room for a thicker, cold-weather sock to keep your foot warm.

Slippers: It may be cold outside, but you can feel snug and cozy in a comfortable pair of slippers. When your home, a slipper can provide warmth and protection. Try to use slippers that are constructed of fleece lining and microfiber uppers, offering comfort and support. Plus, the rubber outsoles help deliver traction so you can walk around safely.