Different conditions in your health can be linked to blood circulation problems, especially in your feet and legs, this usually occurs when there is a blockage in the arteries of the legs generating an inability for oxygen to flow throughout our body.

There is a lot you can do to improve circulation in your legs and feet. You can start by making simple lifestyle changes that will greatly reduce the risk factors. We recommend that you consult with your vascular surgeon before making any changes.

Walk. Wear the correct shoes adding unnecessary pressure to your feet can severely worsen your condition. Celia Ruiz footwear is ideal for easily and effectively boosting your blood flow. The shoes stimulate your reflexes promoting blood flow and circulation to all your organs, glands and muscles in the body and the reduction of seam lines help prevent skin irritation. One of the most important and simple exercises to include in your daily routine is walking. Not only is it the most effective for improving blood circulation, but it is also the most comfortable and accessible for all types of people. When you walk, you contract certain muscles in your legs, causing blood to pump throughout your entire body.

Stop smoking. If you have a smoking habit, you will have to stop immediately. Smoking cigarettes atrophies the arteries, increasing the chances of blood clots in the legs, which can then travel to the lungs and cause even worse diseases.

Stretch out. With a few simple stretching exercises you can obtain numerous benefits, these muscles press the arteries of the legs and feet in such a way that the body releases chemicals that facilitate the passage and circulation of blood.

Vary between different sitting positions. Avoid sitting for long periods and sit properly to avoid poor blood circulation. The best sitting position is with your legs slightly apart and with your feet touching the floor. however, we recommend occasionally lifting both feet, making circular movements with them and taking active breaks throughout your day.

Adopt a healthy diet. Consult with your nutritionist to come up with a diet that is not only healthy but one that is adapted to your type of digestion and lifestyle to improve blood circulation and your overall health.

Wear compression stockings. Compression stockings are especially known for their ability to reduce swelling and pain. If these are recurring problems, we recommend wearing them for as long as possible. At the same time, they prevent blood clots and consequently the development of thrombosis.

Practice Yoga. It has been confirmed that yoga not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety quickly but it is also one of the best ways to improve your blood circulation. However, we recommend consulting with your trainer before doing any exercise without supervision.

Elevate your legs. Elevating your legs is not only an excellent way to improve blood circulation and swelling in your legs and feet, but it also helps reduce stress, an important factor in all these types of diseases. Elevate them for 20 minutes above your heart while working on your breathing properly to reach a perfect state of relaxation.

Manage your blood pressure. Monitor all your vital signs constantly, especially your blood pressure, in order to be aware of the development of your disease or to avoid any worrisome situation.

Get a massage. Contact a professional and get a massage so you can improve, in a natural and relaxing way, your blood circulation. 

Try sauna baths. Enjoying a sauna can be your new weekly habit. It helps improve blood circulation, however, just taking a bath with warm water at home for at least 30 minutes widens the arteries, increasing blood flow throughout your legs and feet.