Certifications Lab Tests & Clinical Studies 

CoolMax Carbon

We have developed an innovative footwear collection, which combines functional footwear designs for various types of pathologies with construction materials.

Our current collection uses COOLMAX® fabric lining to which we add Carbon threads.

COOLMAX® polyester fibers have long been known for their high breathability due to their hollow fiber design and aeration channels, which helps to release moisture quickly and efficiently.

By combining COOLMAX® fibers with Carbon fibers we have innovated a one of a kind fabric with the ability to create a dry, and airy environment while maintaining freshness.

In a test for Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae, two bacteria that can proliferate under normal conditions of humidity and temperature caused by sweating our Coolmax- Carbon fabric has demonstrated bacteriostatic properties and maintained its freshness.

Unlike other fabrics, Coolmax-Carbon fabric does not receive any chemical treatments such as microencapsulation, or ion application. These treatments degrade over time resulting in the fabric losing its properties. 

Our innovative footwear collection that combines functional designs and advanced Coolmax-Carbon fabric ensures the general comfort and safety of the wearers.