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Our Brands



Gioseppo offers stylish and contemporary footwear for men, women, and children, blending comfort with innovative designs. Their collections feature a diverse range of styles, from casual sneakers to elegant sandals, crafted with high-quality materials. Gioseppo is dedicated to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices in their production process.


HOFF offers stylish and contemporary footwear that combines unique designs with premium materials. Known for their innovative and artistic approach, HOFF sneakers feature city-inspired themes and meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring both comfort and fashion-forward style. Each collection reflects a blend of urban aesthetics and global influences.

Pons Quintana

Pons Quintana offers high-quality, artisanal footwear featuring intricate designs and luxurious materials. Known for their unique woven leather techniques, the brand provides a variety of stylish options including sandals, boots, and handbags. Their collections blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion, ensuring both comfort and elegance.

Marian (Pedro Anton)

Marian specializes in high-quality, stylish footwear, crafted with a commitment to excellence since 1974. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, Marian offers a range of elegant and comfortable shoes. Their dedication to design and quality makes them a prominent name in both national and international markets, with products available in over 30 countries.

Paula Urban

Paula Urban offers comfortable and stylish leather footwear for women, meticulously crafted in Spain. Their collections feature a variety of designs, from chic ankle boots to elegant sandals, all made with high-quality materials. Paula Urban shoes are perfect for modern women seeking both fashion and comfort in their everyday wear.

Our Brands


Celia Ruiz

Celia Ruiz specializes in high-quality therapeutic & diabetic footwear designed to provide comfort and care for sensitive feet. Their product features styles that are PDAC approved, made with advanced materials and ergonomic designs, ensuring optimal foot health and comfort. These footwear solutions are ideal for individuals with specific foot conditions or those seeking enhanced comfort in their daily lives.


MUVU offers innovative therapeutic garments using advanced textile technologies like Regenactiv® and ConfortPlus. These products are designed to address various skin conditions, providing protection and comfort. The range includes foot care, body care, intimate care, and pediatric care solutions. MUVU is committed to enhancing the quality of life through their scientifically-backed and clinically validated textiles.

Eva Think!

Eva Think specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality expanded EVA products. With over 25 years of experience, they offer a diverse range of products in various densities, colors, and finishes to meet the most demanding industrial and orthopedic needs. Their commitment to innovation and quality ensures superior performance and customer satisfaction.